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Introducing the Firefly Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System

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We are proud to announce we can now use the Firefly Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System to show you more about the health of your eyes.  

As a patient, you can expect to learn a lot about your eyes with these detailed images! Using this device, we will give you a tour of your eyes through pictures and videos that can help you become well-informed about your eye health.

Redefining Patient Education

The Firefly was built to serve your needs with practical applications in mind. Instead of interrupting your examination to talk about test results, the capture button on the Firefly allows us to easily save key parts of the exam so we can discuss them with you after all testing is complete.

Dr. Kapoor can hand-pick important parts of the recordings to review and sit down with you to give you a real look at what’s going on with your eyes while discussing your treatment options. The Firefly helps transform relationships with our patients and make it easier for us to give you more information about your eyes.

Effective Dry Eye Tests

The Firefly helps us complete several detailed dry eye tests that can reveal the underlying cause of your symptoms. Each test helps us determine the right treatment for your eyes. 

Meibomian Gland Observation

By using infrared light, we can accurately assess the health of your meibomian glands—the glands that produce natural oils to help keep your eyes hydrated and protected by your tears.

Red Eye Analysis & Keratopathy Exposure

With a yellow filter, we can capture images that help us accurately analyze the surface of your eyes to look for signs of damage and inflammation.

Tear Film Breakup Time Testing

With a high-performance digital module and high-resolution video recordings, we can analyze the stability of your tears and assess your tear film breakup time—how long your tears stay on your eyes.

Tear Meniscus Height

The Firefly helps us get accurate tear meniscus height measurements so we can effectively measure the volume of tears on the surface of your eyes. We use that information to guide our treatment recommendations and help increase your understanding of your eyes during your appointment for dry eye care.


Dr. Kapoor

Written by Dr. B. Kapoor

Dr. Kapoor received her degree in Biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago and completed her training at the Illinois College of Optometry.  Her clinical interests include cutting edge dry eye diagnostics and treatments, specialty multifocal contact lenses, allergic eye disease and myopia (nearsighted) control for kids. Dr. Kapoor strives to apply the newest in eye care technology whether it is contact lenses, eye drops, diagnostic or treatment technology to each patient’s individual needs.  Providing each patient with a customized solution for their unique eyes is a passion and life long learning commitment.

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