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MYAH Myopia Screening

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Do you worry about your kids’ eyes?

Do they spend many hours on screens?

Bring your kids in for a MYAH Myopia Screening!

Dr. B. Kapoor

We are proud to announce new technology in our office called Topcon Myah Axial Length and Corneal Topography!

  • The Myah is the latest technology in checking the growth of kids’ eyes and screening for dry eye disease.  
  •  Years of research is showing abnormal growth of children’s eyes which leads to nearsightedness (myopia). 
  • Many times, we can detect changes in the eye growth before a child notices blurry vision at distance.
  • If the eyes are growing abnormally fast, there are drops and contact lenses available to slow down the growth. 
  • When a person’s eyes get too long, they have blurred distance vision and they are at risk for eye diseases such as cataracts, retinal detachments, and glaucoma. 

We are committed to keeping our kids healthy so please ensure:

  1. All kids should have an eye exam every year whether they complain or not! We will do a painless MYAH screening to evaluate their risk for Myopia. 
  2. Kids should wear sunglasses outside.
  3. Limit screen time to 2 hours (I know, it’s hard!) 
  4. Increase the amount of colorful foods they eat (raspberries, blueberries, spinach)


Dr. Kapoor

Written by Dr. B. Kapoor

Dr. Kapoor received her degree in Biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago and completed her training at the Illinois College of Optometry.  Her clinical interests include cutting edge dry eye diagnostics and treatments, specialty multifocal contact lenses, allergic eye disease and myopia (nearsighted) control for kids. Dr. Kapoor strives to apply the newest in eye care technology whether it is contact lenses, eye drops, diagnostic or treatment technology to each patient’s individual needs.  Providing each patient with a customized solution for their unique eyes is a passion and life long learning commitment.

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